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CIMBA Leadership Laboratories combines the latest in neuroscience research with customized, cross-platform technology and a world-class coaching program called LIFE.

Your experience with CIMBA Leadership Laboratories will begin with the Genesis assessment battery and the LIFE Leadership Program. LIFE is a two-and-a-half-day intensive and experiential training program that will give you the opportunity to turn your attention to your own development, self-awareness, and enhancement of key leadership competencies.

With neuroscience at its foundation, the LIFE Leadership Program will guide you through a series of six challenging sessions, each involving informational training, exercises, and time for reflection. The intention with each session is to develop a series of leadership skill sets, including effective communication, decision making, reappraisal strategy, teamwork and interpersonal skills, personal focus, and personal vision and strategy.

Your training in LIFE – and the biofeedback collected during this training – will create the foundation for the individualized goals you will establish as you move on to one-on-one coaching sessions and leadership competency workshops.