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Neuroscience operates at the core of the NeuroLeadership Laboratories systems and methodologies. The idea is simple: providing you with a better understanding of how your brain works – and then using this understanding to make your individual behavior more visible to you – will result in your ability to be more mindful about the leadership behaviors you enact. This process helps you to become a more self-actualized, and therefore more proficient, leader in your family, community, and work environment.

Your understanding of neuroscience and its application to leadership will begin with the Genesis assessment battery and the LIFE Leadership Program, the latter of which is a two-and-a-half-day intensive and experiential training series. LIFE will give you the opportunity to turn your attention to your own development, your self-awareness, and the enhancement of your own key leadership competencies—all while grounding your learning in neuroscience.

With the Neuroscience of Leadership as its foundation, the LIFE program will take you through a series of six sessions, each helping you to develop a series of leadership skill sets. These LIFE modules will have you evaluate your basic beliefs about the importance and actual practice of your leadership behaviors in your day-to-day actions.

Neuroscience, then, is not only the science by which the NeuroLeadership Laboratories determines its methodologies—it also the means by which we make our participants’ thinking visible to themselves using bio-feedback. By teaching you how the brain works – and by showing you how your brain works – we are able to give you a system through which you can drive change as a leader and measure progress using data. Furthermore, you have access to the latest in brain-training tools and techniques allowing you to drive sustainable change in areas like Emotional Regulation, Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Outlook, and Resilience.