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One-on-one, data driven coaching system takes the goals you’ve set in the LIFE Leadership Program and helps you take these goals to the next level. It is, in this way, a more nuanced and individualized continuation of the learning you’ve gained through the LIFE Program.

Your coach will work with you to unpack your experience with Genesis and the LIFE Leadership Program, providing you with a number of strategies, processes, development feedback, and physical biofeedback reports. These will allow you a deeper understanding of not only what the LIFE Program taught you, but also how to propel that learning into concrete actions and the leadership positions that inhabit your actual day-to-day life.

Coaching is a system through which our participants learn more about themselves and how to achieve sustainable change and long-term results. It is a process of honing in on your personal goals and, with the help of your coach, formulating actions to realize them. Through this type of inward focus, coaching will equip you with a better understanding of yourself as a leader and strategies that will refine and actualize your leadership potential.