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Our technologies help to ground participant learning through a battery of assessments and through proxy measurements of individuals’ own brain activity. These technologies help to make your thinking – and also the actual, physical operations, the neuroscience, of your own body in response to your thinking – more visible to you.

Our web dashboard and mobile apps allows an integrated view of all the assessments you’ll take and personal tracking you will compile while moving through the NeuroLeadership Laboratories system. We’ll also facilitate the easy tracking of your daily habits – sleep, nutrition, and time spent in the various activities throughout your day – to determine their impact on your personal performance. These technologies will generate and store data for you, and you can use this data to select from a number of training tools designed improve various forms of personal, behavioral performance (self-regulation and focus, emotional intelligence, outlook and reappraisal, and more).

Compiled in a series of feedback reports, our cutting-edge technologies will be incorporated into your experiences with the LIFE Leadership Program which will be used in your experience in One-on-One Coaching along with mobile bio-feedback, assessments, and defined peer based feedback to guide you in making choices that lead you to your defined and desired results.

For companies, we can also provide training metrics: participant companies can use these metrics to collect and analyze data designed to help optimize personal and team performances. Inquire for more information.